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MBSB (1171)

MBSB's Sustainability Framework oversight is driven by our Board

MBSB Bank Vision

To be a top progressive Islamic Bank

Sustainability Vision

To provide sustainable and innovative solutions benefiting our community

Sustainability Mission Statement

Aims to foster Islamic values by:


Contributing and investing in our customers and community to improve quality of life


Delivering innovative financing solutions in a fair, inclusive and transparent system


Prioritising environmental stewardship and social responsibility whilst delivering value sustainably

MBSB's Sustainability goals are supported by three Sustainability Pillars

Pillars Description Strategic Goals
Innovating and Creating Value

Propelling MBSB forward as a leading Islamic bank by providing innovative and sustainable solutions to our customers and communities

  1. Innovating sustainable Islamic finance
  2. Expanding green financing
  3. Strengthening MBSB’s brand
  4. Prioritising customer engagement and satisfaction
Operating Sustainably and Responsibly

Upholding environmental stewardship and social responsibility in MBSB’s business operations

  1. Advancing SMEs and local communities
  2. Combating climate change
  3. Enhancing digital processes
  4. Embedding sustainable practices across the value chain
Creating a Fair, Safe and Inclusive Workplace

Continuously striving to enable a conducive and safe working environment for all employees while ensuring opportunities for continuous professional and personal development

  1. Upholding integrity through compliance
  2. Developing workforce capabilities
  3. Workforce diversity and equality