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MBSB Launches MBSB Home Safety Campaign

BackMay 06, 2008

Kuala Lumpur, 6 May 2008 - MBSB today launched MBSB Home Safety Campaign that will carry out the company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives for the Malaysian public.

Secretary General of Ministry of Housing and Local Government, Dato' Ahmad Fuad Ismail officiated the launch, which was also supported and attended by representatives from Polis Di Raja Malaysia, Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat, Jabatan Trauma Hospital Kuala Lumpur and the public.

MBSB Home Safety Campaign is committed with the focus on creating awareness among the public, especially home owners, to create a safer living environment.

"Corporate social responsibility in MBSB has go beyond social welfare and charitable causes. We wanted our efforts to be more focused, sustainable and have a long-term impact on the public," said Tan Sri Halim Mohd Ali, Chairman of MBSB.

He added that to support this commitment, MBSB has initially plan for a six-month campaign period until Oktober 2008 and this effort will be an on-going effort by MBSB as one of its core CSR initiatives.

In line with these objectives, the campaign will focus on three important areas of home safety; first aid, fire preventions and crime preventions. "After in existance for more than 5 decades, MBSB has made million's of Malaysian dream come true to own a place call home. Now we are moving a step forward, to educate and creating awareness among home owners to safe guard their homes and families, " added Tan Sri Halim.

The MBSB Home Safety Campaign initial initiatives focus will be on road shows throughout the country to bring the awareness message. There will be talks, video shows, demonstrations and exhibitions at all the road shows. Home Safety hand books will also be distributed to the general public and Home Safety website is in the pipeline.

Apart from the Home Safety Campaign, MBSB has adopted 19 schools throughout the country as part of their core corporate social responsibility initiatives to assist rural school children to improve their academic performance in preparing them for better future.



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