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MBSB (1171)

Notice Of Book Closure

BackMay 15, 2017

Single-Tier Final Dividend in respect of the financial year ended 31 December 2016 of 3.0 sen net per ordinary share in MBSB. 

Kindly be advised of the following : 

1)  The above Company's securities will be traded and quoted "Ex - Dividend” as from: 24 May 2017
2)  The last date of lodgment : 26 May 2017
3)  Date Payable : 22 Jun 2017

Remarks: The Board of Directors had on 22 February 2017 recommended a Single-Tier Final Dividend of 3.0% (3.0 sen net per Ordinary Share) for the financial year ended 31 December 2016. Based on the share capital of 5,798,774,158 ordinary shares as at 10 February 2017, the Single-Tier Final Dividend payable would be approximately RM173.963 million. The Board of Directors has determined that the option to reinvest via the Dividend Reinvestment Plan ("DRP") shall apply to the entire portion of the proposed Single-Tier Final Dividend of 3.0% for the financial year ended 31 December 2016. Under DRP, shareholders will have the following options in respect of the electable portion:- (a) elect to exercise the option and thereby reinvest the entire electable portion (or a part thereof) at the issue price of the new MBSB shares ("DRP Price") and to receive cash for the remaining portion of the dividend (in the event that only part of the electable portion is reinvested); or (b) elect not to exercise the option and thereby receive their entire dividend entitlement wholly in cash. There will be no brokerage fees and other related transaction costs payable by shareholders on the new MBSB shares allotted pursuant to the DRP. In the event that shareholders confirm their election via Tricor Investor & Issuing House Services Sdn Bhd's ("TIIH") online system, a handling fee of RM2.00 (inclusive of the good and services tax) is chargeable by TIIH. Due to migration to the no par value regime under Companies Act, 2016, par value is no longer relevant. 



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Stock Name MBSB
Date Announced 15 May 2017
Category Listing Circular
Reference Number ILC-15052017-00037