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MBSB (1171)

We adopt environmental and social considerations in our risk assessment criteria as part of our financing decisions. Our decision making process is guided by our list of general and industry-specific exclusions which limits our exposure to adverse environmental and social risks. The key areas that we refrain from providing financing can be found in our Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) Risk Framework (Corporate Financing Customers/ Sukuk Issuer)

Coal Financing

We have no outstanding coal financing and we have committed not to finance the following:

  • Companies involved in the mining of coal (new or existing mines)
  • Companies involved in the construction, development or expansion of coal-fired power plants

Palm Oil Financing

We will not be financing the following:

  • New estates that convert or degrade High Biodiversity (HBV)/ High Conservation Value (HCV) and High Carbon Stock (HCS) forests, primary forests, forest reserves and peatland
  • Banned and/or harmful planting practices such as indiscriminate open burning for the purpose of land clearing