Wealth Management

Together with our leading Takaful operators, we have designed comprehensive and innovative Wealth Management products to fulfill our customers' insurance needs.

Takaful Operator

MBSB i-Medic

MBSB i-Medic

Enjoy optimal care with affordable medical and hospitalization plan for you and your loved ones.

Motor Takaful - Takaful Ikhlas Malaysia

Motor Takaful - Takaful Ikhlas Malaysia

Ikhlas Motor Takaful is designed to cater to the different needs of the various market segments.

MyPA Care

MyPA Care

MyPA Care is the most comprehensive Personal Accident Takaful plan that allows you to enjoy the magnificent features at an affordable contribution rate with 24 hours worldwide coverage.

MBSB Hasanah

With MBSB Hasanah, you are able to fulfill your religious aspirations and obligations. This plan helps to ease your financial burden should an unfortunate event occur. It also aids you as muslim with attractive features such as Badal Hajj, Waqf and Double Takaful Coverage on Accidental Death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD).

MBSB Wasiat

MBSB Will Writing service offers convenience to you in determining the distribution of your inheritance to your loved ones upon your demise. Will writing is an essential step in legacy planning whereby one conveys wishes as to how assets should be distributed to the loved ones.

I-Great Raudhah

I-Great Raudhah is a comprehensive plan that brings together features such as Double Takaful Benefits While Performing Hajj or Umrah, Cash for Performing Hajj or Umrah, Badal Hajj as well as Adha Benefit all rolled into one.

I-Great Bakti

I-Great Bakti is an investment-linked family takaful plan that provides you with takaful protection should the unexpected happens.


At MBSB, we understand your life’s priorities and the importance of being protected. MBSB An-Nur is a group Takaful product that can be renewed on a yearly basis, providing a lump sum payment in the event of death or total & permanent disability (due to natural or accidental causes); or terminal illness. Get this plan now!